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An emulsion that forms a skin nourishing, soft veil on yours skin to nurture for glowy complexion.."

A smooth textured, nourishing emulsion which helps to promote healthy skin condition
Applies Lecitin emulsification technology to formulate Biomimetic Skin Lipid sturcture

Plum Flower harvested from GwangYang City area

- GwangYang: A representative area for Plum trees and the beautiful scenery of Plum tree village with Plum flowers during spring season
Plum flower is known to bloom in the beginning of spring season and contain powerful vital energy
Yehwadam uses Plum flowers in the most freshest condition collected from GwangYang, came into bloom in early March

Plum Flower is beloved by many people for its beauty and balminess
Plum flower has high endurance for frosts and snow. It blooms from a frozen ground with its sweet breeze
Also called as SeolJungMae, meaning it blooms in the snows before arrival of Spring season
Plum flower represents naïve and pure beauty

Apply an appropriate amount onto entire face.
Gently pat to promote absorption.

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