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Revitalizing serum makes skin look radiant and revitalized with the energy of natural

  • RELAXATION AND REVITALIZATON - Use this revitalizing serum that replenshes dry skin with moisture by balancing its natural pH for a healthy and vibrant look.
  • NOURISH AND ENRICH THE SKIN BARRIER - With high efficacy ingredients packed full of nutrients and moisture, feel as your skin exudes radiance and returns to its younger appearance.
  • TRADITIONAL KOREAN GINSENG REMEDY - Revitalize your skin cells with a blend of ginseng and traditional Korean herbs to improve skin tone and condition so you can tackle the day with more energy.
  • LOTUS FLOWER EXTRACT - Soothe skin to enhance the anti wrinkle and anti aging effects that will be taking place. Eliminate the unwanted appearance of red and puffy areas on and around your face as it recovers.
  • 45ml

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