Yehwadam Heaven Grade Ginseng Rejuvenating Eye Cream

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Concept: A regenerating and deep moisturizing eye cream containing high amount of nutrients replenishes the eye area with moisture

25 ml

Main Features

•    Gentle, low-irritant formula that does not irritate the eye area 

•    Infused with nutrients that brings firmness to skin and brightens the under eye area

•    Contains large quantities of Ceramide which helps to rebuild and strengthen the skin barrier, while anti-wrinkle functional ingredient (Adenosine) helps to improve wrinkles around the eyes

Main Ingredients

•    HGG & Natural Pine Mushroom extracts 

•    LG Patented ingredients for anti-aging effects

•    Gold ingredient 

•    Ultra-fine polymer powder and pearl powder fills in the wrinkles around the eyes and brightens the skin tone for an instant anti-aging effect


•    Dark beige colored 

•    Nutrient infused, balm-like rich texture


Fresh natural Korean herbal scent

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