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Whoo Hwanyu Signature Ampoule Set ($1,561 Value)

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The Hwanyu line is the most prestigious skincare line from The History of Whoo. This line presents the ultimate skin-perfecting formula renowned for its extraordinary age-defying effectiveness. This masterpiece contains wild ginseng cordyceps, deer antler extracts, pleuropterus, and snow lotus herbs to instantly strengthen, revive, repair, and protect skin. Continuous use of Hwanyu products will assist to restore the overall health and wellbeing of your skin which in turn will help prevent skin troubles and premature ageing in the future. 

The History of Whoo's latest addition to the Hwanyu line is an intensive formula for lifeless skin.  Loaded with 33% of highly concentrated Organic Wild Ginseng extracts, this is the ultimate solution to achieve perfectly, younger and healthier looking skin.


This set contains:

Hwanyu Signature Ampoule 40mlHwanyu Signature Ampoule 7ml
Hwanyu Cream – 4ml
Hwanyu Eye Cream – 4ml
Hwanyu Essence – 7ml
Cheongidan (Hwahyun) Radiant Rejuvenating Balancer – 25ml
Cheongidan (Hwahyun) Radiant Rejuvenating Emulsion – 25ml
Cheongidan (Hwahyun) Radiant Regenerating Essence – 8ml
Cheongidan (Hwahyun) Radiant Regenerating Cream – 10ml


  • HwanYu Line
  • Prestige anti-aging skincare
  • Youth-enhancing complex
  • Revitalize/Anti-wrinkle

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