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A sumptuous anti-aging cream that contains a blend of essential oils used by European beauty therapists.

● Anti-aging,anti-dry and ultra nourishing effects in one anti-aging product.
● Oil blend cream with a hand-blended formula in a new two-tier format.
● Provides the radiant glow of European nobility with a formula containing essential oils made using the fresh oil carrier method.

[ Direction ]

Apply the product onto your cheeks,chin and forehead in the morning and at night after using a serum.
Use outward strokes to apply the product all over your face.
Cover your face with both palms to help the product absorb.

[ Please follow the directions before using the product for the first time ]

The two-tier oil blending cream must be mixed with the enclosed spatula for approximately 10 seconds before use.
The two tiers combine to create an effective formula that leaves skin smooth and glowing.
A genuine hand-blended therapy cream that allows you to create your own custom cream.

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