Tea Tree Toner Pads

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Tea Tree Toner Pad contains triple acids and tea tree, which is known to help soothe skin, to take care of pores and sebum concerns.

 Dermatologically tested

 Good for acne-prone skin

 Reduce the size of pores

 Reduce excess sebum

 Features & Benefits:

-Toner pad that improves skin sebum and pore concerns.

-Slowly extract low temperature at 25 degrees Celsius to deliver the active ingredients of tea tree that are excellent for calming the skin.

-Three ingredients, salicylic acid, citric acid, and gluconolacto, gently care for the skin and exfoliation of the skin.

-It hydrates the skin with ultra-low molecular hyaluronic acid that delivers moisture deep into the skin.


Suitable for:

-those who need daily exfoliating care using lowirritant pure cotton pads

-those who want to care for skin using cosmetic products specializing in acne and pore care

-those who are looking for cosmetic products made of safe and clean ingredients

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