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ROUND LAB Birch Juice Moisturizing Pad

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With special calming and soothing care for tired and irritated skin, the Birch Pads make the perfect spot care for any time of the day, anywhere.
- 3 layer sheet holds a significant amount of essence. Gently infuses unto skin for total rejuvenation and calm.

- A low pH pad perfect for immediate cooling and keeping up moisture balance for overheated skin.

- Aquaxil aka "Aqua Seal," a patented moisturizing ingredient, combines Xylitol and Glucose derived from Birch and Beech to fill skin with moisture and prevent moisture loss.

- Panthenol, Allantoin and Dipotassium Glyceride are efficient in soothing tired and irritated skin.

Size: 80pc/ 6.08 fl. oz (180ml)
For intensive spot treating, place pad on target areas that need immediate calm for 3 - 5 minutes.

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