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As soon as you apply it, the velvet texture
spreads out as if smudged with your hands.
An applicator of a shape optimized for flexible angle control and gradation lip production.Press the dead skin cells on the wide side that adheres to the lips and apply a thin base on the center of the lips to create a natural gradation lip.

01. Peach Angora
      Cozy beige that covers dark lips.

02. Tender Coral
      Soft coral that's slightly toned down like a vintage filter.

03. Antique Orange
      A deep orange with a drop of warm brown.

04. Chill and Thrill
      My favorite item in autumn warm tone.
      Deep and moody chili red.

05. Touched by Mauve
      It's a wearable base color with pure moviness.

06. Fluffy Pink
      It's a feminine vibe, perfect pink for summer.

07. Rosy Hug
      Warm cool equality. MLBB for everyone.

08. Unknown Red
      Cool red that brightens your face.

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