At Home Aesthetics Tightening Clay Mask

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  • Customers who are looking a mask for simple & easy home beauty care
  • Customers who want a mask that provides salon-like professional treatment
  • Customers who want to keep steady facial care anytime, anywhere


  • The gel mask is infused with hydrating serum to moisturize skin deeply without leaving any sticky residue.
  • The supple hydrogel formula perfectly fits the natural curvature of the face for thorough hydration and stays put on skin even while moving around.


  • Mud(clay)-type mask that perfectly removes dead skin cells & impurities to target pore concerns with a single sheet


  • Clay mask in Bemliese sheet coated with cream formula that provides tightening and cleansing effects
  • Improvement in 5 pore-related indicators (decrease in volume, area, depth, density, number).1.297% decrease on average for smile line areas

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