The History of Whoo


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A set containing the most luxurious Hwanyu essence - a highly concentrated serum with over 70 natural ingredients used in oriental medicine; and a selection of Cheongidan deluxe miniatures. The set provides a holisitic approach to skincare bytreating the base of the skin (Gun), increasing the efficacy (Sin), improving skin clarity (Jwa),and increasing absorption of ingredients (Sa).

  • The most premium line from the History of Whoo
  • Controls skin energy and circulation
  • Produces the harmony of Ying and Yang and delivers the optimal benefits into the skin
  • Highly concentrated formula derived from over 70 natural ingredients (including Organic Wild Ginseng)
  • Helps to make the skin look 10 years younger
  • Can see the difference within a month
  • Keeps the delicate skin moist, smooth, and firm.


This set contains:

    • Hwanyu Imperial Youth Essence  50 ml
  • Hwanyu Imperial Youth Essence  7ml
  • Hwanyu Imperial Youth Eye Cream   4 ml
  • Hwanyu Imperial Youth Cream   4 ml
  • Hwanyu Imperial Youth First Serum 15ml
  • Hwanyu Imperial Youth Balancer 25ml
  • Hwanyu Imperial Youth Emulsion 25ml
  • Hwanyu Imperial Youth Cream(Hwanyugo) Monodose  10ea 

    • HwanYu Line
    • Prestige anti-aging skincare
    • Youth-enhancing complex
    • Revitalize/Anti-wrinkle

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