The History of Whoo


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Contains over 70 herbal ingredients including natural wild ginseng, deer antlers, wilfordi root (jangsenghasuo), and cordyceps militaris (dongchunghacho), which have been regarded as the most precious natural ingredients from ancient times, and deliver their true benefits to the skin. 
Formulated with a critical ingredient for healthy skin, 'Master (Gun)' based on traditional formulation theory, which is called 'Bonchobaewiron with dongchunghacho' and the principle of 'Masters and servants' (Gunsinjwasa)'. 
It helps maximize the efficacy of ingredients.
About 70 natural ingredients associated with the five elements for skin (The 5 elements - first, water, earth, metal, wood provide a wholistic approach to skin care) target skin tone, firmness, moisturizing, and skin protection. 


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