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The Royal Pact contains precious medicinal ingredients such as pine tree extract and ginseng extract, as well as royal jewels like pearl, gold, and amber. These elements provide a velvety soft finish, close adherence to the skin as if gently wrapping it, and skin care for a radiant glow. With just one application touch, it fills pores and fine lines densely to make skin look flawless and elastic.

This winter, the limited edition "Winter Sparkle Night" has been launched, featuring a luxurious new design. It is exquisitely elegant and convenient to carry, allowing our queen to touch up makeup at anytime, anywhere, and maintain a perfect look at parties.

Royal Pact #21/#23 12g & 12g (Refill)
Cheongidan Radiant Essence Foundation (SPF35/ PA++) #21 8ml
Cheongidan Double Radiant Base Pink 8ml
Gongjinhyang Mi Glow Lip Balm (Pink) (SPF 10) 1.3g
Gongjinhyang Mi Velvet Liquid Lip Rouge #18 Rose Pink 2.1g

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