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Whoo Cheonyuldan Hwayul Ultimate Regenerating Overnight Mask Set

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Healthy skin with the effect of a good night's sleep

- Provides healthy skin overnight with Boik Gigidan used in the royal court to replenish the energy of the skin

Smooth and soft feeling of use

- High-molecular polymer technology gently wraps the skin with a silk-like feel and provides a comfortable feeling.

 A dedicated brush that applies flawlessly

- Built-in professional brush capable of 360-degree care for the entire curved face with a refreshing feeling and smooth application

This luxurious cream with a silky smooth texture can instantly penetrate the skin to flood it with moisture. The upgraded formula infused with HwaYul Seokgok Complex™ and Royal CheonChoHwa™ repairs fatigued skin throughout the night to restore radiance and translucency. You will wake up with less puffiness and a more defined contour.

With special ingredients to strengthen skin’s positive energy and replenish skin to achieve the harmony of the five elements.

BuYiWeiQiDan, a secret formula used in the ancient royal courts is a concoction of cinnamon, dried ginger and astragalus. Combined with HwaYulBiDan to enhance the energy deep within the skin, unblock blood vessels, rebalance ‘Yin and Yang’, promote detoxification and repair damaged skin throughout the night.

Use the complimentary mini facial mask brush to carefully spread the mask to cover the entire face.
  • Hwayul Ultimate Regenerating Overnight Mask 75mL
  • Facial Mask  1pcs
  • Hwayul Ultimate Rejuvenating Balancer 25ml
  • Hwayul Ultimate Rejuvenating Emulsion  25ml 
  • Hwayul Ultimate Regenerating Essence  8ml 
  • Hwayul Ultimate Regenerating Cream 10ml
  • Hwanyu Imperial Youth First Serum  15 ml

How to Use

After taking an appropriate amount in the evening, at the end of skin care or at the cream stage, apply gently on the entire face except around the eyes using the tip of your fingertips or a brush for Cheonyuldan Hwayul mask.

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