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WHOO Cheongidan Radiant Essence Cushion

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The amber coloured compact is decorated with laced chrome and an exquisite pearl in the centre. A "sponge-free" cushion foundation, the Cheongidan Radiant Essence Cushion has a mesh designed in peony lace pattern as the layer to separate the liquid foundation from the puff. It is more hygienic than the traditional sponge cushion and holds more liquid foundation. Between the mesh and the low-viscosity liquid foundation, there is a layer of anti-odour, antibacterial, and water-repellent "Super-Adhesive Fabric Filter Layer”. Span Pumping Technology™ also enables every drop of liquid foundation to be easily extracted, and evenly dispense foundation from the first drop right down to the last. Makeup lasts longer and your complexion stays natural with a translucent glow.

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