The History of Whoo

Whoo Cheongidan Goon Hwayang 3pc Set


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Hwayang is The History of Whoo's anti-aging skincare for men. This rejuvenating formula is carefully created with highly selective Korean herbal extracts including Wild Ginseng. This powerful line hydrates and nourishes, while supporting skin resilience towards aging. The high performing men's line refreshes and strengthens the skin to provide a healthy and attractive complexion. 

This premium skincare for men is formulated with various Korean herbal extracts and botanicals to support and promote healthy and attractive skin.

This set contains:

Cheongidan Hwayang Skin 140ml
Cheongidan Hwayang Lotion 100ml
Cheongidan Hwayang Skin 20ml
Cheongidan Hwayang Lotion 20ml
Cheongidan Hwayang All in one Treatment 50ml




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