THE THERAPY FIRST SERUM with Green Tea Cotton Pads (30 pcs)

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This first-step anti-aging serum contains a blend of French Sea Water and natural essential oils that shimmer like crystal particles. It provides intense hydration, gentle exfoliation as well as anti-aging and boosting effects.
Formulated with:
Sandalwood: Medicinal plant with anti-aging and rejuvenation properties
Avocado: Creates a long lasting moisture barrier on the skin and prevents moisture loss for extremely dry, chapped skin
Palmarosa: Delivers vitality and elasticity and treats damaged skin
Sea Water: Promotes skin hydratation and makes the skin more moisturized and healthy
About The Therapy : Anti-aging skincare line that embodies a two-century-old European natural blending method from Le Marche, Italy. The use of oat seeds, marigold, bay leaf and olive extracts keep skin looking youthful.

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