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SOONJUNG Cleansing Water 320m

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SoonJung Cleansing Water 320ml
Hypoallergenic Cleansing Water Perfectly Removes Your Makeup and Skin Wastes

- "Panthensoside" Contained to Calm Skin
Panthenol(Strengthens skin barrier and soothes dry skin) +Madecassoside(Soothes irritated skin and protects skin from external stimuli)

- pH Balanced Formula
Formulated at the pH level of healthy skin, it helps your skin stay well-balanced and healthy

- 11 Ingredient Callouts
Clean ingredients free of 11 additives

- Mild, Yet Thorough Cleansing
It perfectly removes eye & face makeup and skin wastes without causing skin irritation

- Easy and Quick Cleansing with No-Wash Cleanser
It allows for an easy and quick cleansing without the need for rinsing off with water.

- Stress-Free Skin Soothing Finish
It minimizes the feeling of tightness after cleansing, leaving your skin refreshed and hydrated

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