Revitalize Your Skin with Green Tangerine Derma Solution

Bright Whitening Care

Experience a radiant transformation with our Green Tangerine Derma Solution. This powerful blend combines the vitality of green tangerines with four active vitamin ingredients, infusing your dull skin with a bright, healthy glow.

Ultimate Hydration

Unlock the secret to deeply hydrated skin with our unique formula featuring panthenol and eight types of hyaluronic acid. Panthenol offers exceptional moisturizing benefits and reinforces your skin's barrier, while hyaluronic acid ensures ongoing hydration and maintenance.

Essence of Moisturization

Our Green Tangerine Derma Essence is a treasure trove of moisture. It's enriched with the lush, firming energy of green tangerines, ensuring your skin tone is not only hydrated but also visibly brighter and more vibrant.

Vegan-Friendly Comfort

Embrace the comfort of our vegan, close-fitting sheet masks. Designed to contour seamlessly to your skin without lifting, these sheets are crafted from flexible, soft vegan fabric for an effortlessly soothing experience.

Certified Vegan Safety

  • No fluorescent whitening agents added
  • Ideal for sensitive skin with a 0.00 non-irritant rating

Ideal for Various Needs

  • Perfect for intensive whitening and moisturizing care for dull skin
  • Gentle enough for sensitive skin
  • Tailored to meet specific skin conditions
  • Offers a non-sticky, refreshingly light feel

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