At Home Aesthetics Original Collagen Mask

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  • Customers who are looking for a mask for simple & easy home beauty care
  • Customers who want a mask that provides salon-like professional treatment
  • Customers who want to keep steady facial care anytime, anywhere


  •  Facial masks with at-home skincare concept that provides salon-like treatment in just one sheet for easy beauty care


  •  As a rising number of people engage in at-home hair, skin, and body care, consumers’ interest in easy yet effective home beauty care solutions is rapidly growing.
  • The mask sheet is designed for at-home skincare, in reflection of shifting consumer demand from professional skincare salons to easy self-beauty care at home.


  •  Plant-derived collagen face mask in hydrogel formula to plump up stressed, sagging skin
  • Original Collagen Face Mask -Idebenone+Peptide Complex+10 kinds of Hyaluronic Acids

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