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This anti-aging toner infuses the skin with abundant moisture,
for firming skincare that delivers long-lasting hydration and radiance.A soft, fresh brightening and anti aging toner that gently brightens the look of uneven and dull skin tone while infusing skin with moisture, leaving skin illuminated, radiant, and glowing.

How to Use

Every morning and evening, after cleansing face,
apply adequate amount on face and pat lightly for absorption.

Skin Type   Dry Skin, Mature Skin

Brightening + Anti-aging line from the Yehwadam range specifically developed to reveal skin's brightness and radiance, leaving skin visibly brighter by improving appearance of pigmentations, dark spots, and dull skin tone.

Formulated with "Chil bark seol yun dan complex" which is a brightening formula consisting of 7 brightening and pristine traditional herbs harvested in Korean soil that are processed using "baek-ja" method where natural ingredients are heated for a long period of time in order maximize the efficacy and to eliminate any toxins in the extraction process.

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