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Whoo Whanyu Eye Cream Set

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This advanced, superior eye cream powered by "Allyunbosimdan" treatment, a royal court's secret skin care method that addresses eye area along with "Master (Gun)" ingredients. Hwanyudongango Eye cream and its "Allyunbosimdan" ingredients keep the delicate skin around eye moist, smooth, and firm.

Luxurious eye cream with a highly concentrated formula derived from over 70 natural ingredients including Organic Wild Ginseng, helps to make the skin look 10 years younger.


This set contains:

Hwany Eye Cream – 25 ml
Hwanyu Cream – 4 ml
Hwanyu Essence - 7ml
Cheongidan (Hwahyun) Radiant Rejuvenating Balancer – 25 ml
Cheongidan (Hwahyun) Radiant Rejuvenating Emulsion – 25 ml
Cheongidan (Hwahyun) Radiant Regenerating Essence – 8 ml
Cheongidan (Hwahyun) Radiant Regenerating Cream – 10 ml

    • HwanYu Line
    • Prestige anti-aging skincare
    • Youth-enhancing complex
    • Revitalize/Anti-wrinkle

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