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Luxurious cream with a highly concentrated formula derived from over 70 natural ingredients (including Organic Wild Ginseng) helps to make skin look 10 years younger. A critical ingredient for healthy skin, "Master (Gun)' and about 70 ingredients of oriental herbal medicine, which contain The 5 Elements - Fire, Water, Earth, Metal, Wood. They provide a holistic approach to skin care, by treating the base of skin (Gun), increasing the efficacy (Sin), improving clarity skin( Jwa), and increasing absorption of ingredients (Sa). This cream relieves complex skin concerns by maximizing the benefits based on optimal oriental formulation theory. "Gunsinjwasa".

Hwanyu Imperial Youth Cream 60ml

Gift in Set

Hwanyu Imperial Youth First Serum 15ml

Hwanyu Balancer 25ml

Hwanyu Lotion 25ml

Hwanyu Signature Ampoule 7ml

Hwanyu Imperial Youth Essence 7ml

Hwanyu Imperial Youth Cream 4ml

Hwanyu Imperial Youth Eye Cream 4ml


This set contains:

Hwanyu Cream 60ml

Hwanyu Cream 4ml

Hwanyu Essence 7ml

Hwanyu Eye Cream 4ml

Hwanyu Signature Ampoule 7ml

Cheongidan (Hwahyun) Radiant Rejuvenating Balancer 25ml

Cheongidan (Hwahyun) Radiant Rejuvenating Emulsion 25ml

Cheongidan (Hwahyun) Radiant Regenerating Essence 8ml

Cheongidan (Hwahyun) Radiant Regenerating Cream 10ml

    • HwanYu Line
    • Prestige anti-aging skincare
    • Youth-enhancing complex
    • Revitalize/Anti-wrinkle

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