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Whoo Cheonyuldan Ultimate Regenerating 3pcs Set

$420.75 $495

A rich, soft-textured total anti-aging cream formulated with a powerful elixir from orchid flowers and Eastern herbal ingredients deeply moisturizes, creating a nourishing moisture barrier, keeping skin radiant and firm. The formula is soft and mild that it can be used as an eye cream substitute.

This special set includes:

Cheonyuldan Ultimate Rejuvenating Balancer 150ml (Full-size) + 25ml (Sample size)

 Cheonyuldan Ultimate Rejuvenating Emulsion 110m (Full-zise) + 25ml (Sample size)

Cheonyuldan Ultimate Regenerating Cream 25ml + 10ml (Sample Size)

Cheonyuldan Ultimate Rejuvenating Essence 8ml (Sample Size)

Hwanyu Imperial Youth Eye Cream 4ml (Sample Size)

Gongjinhyang: Mi Luxury 4 color lip palette x 1 (Sample)

Gongjinhyang: Mi Luxury Lipstick No.15 and No.25

Gongjinhyang: Mi Luxury Lip Rouge No.45 and No. 24

How To Use

After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount of product onto the face in the morning and evening. Follow proper steps with included products in the set

Step 1: Cheonyuldan Ultimate Rejuvenating Balancer

Step 2: Cheonyuldan Ultimate Regenerating Essence

Step 3: Hwanyu Imperial Youth Eye Cream

Step 4: Cheonyuldan Ultimate Rejuvenating Emulsion or Cream

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