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Whoo Bichup Soonhwan Mist set

$67.50 $75

A Set with the new Bichup Soon Hwan Moisture Anti-Aging Mist.

The Bichup SoonHwan Moisture Anti-Aging Mist of Whoo creates fresh, dewy and radiant skin. This mist formula (based on our popular Bichup SoonHwan Essence) helps skin retain moisture using these key ingredients:
   -Five flavor berry
   -pine tree
   -Rehmannia glutinosa
   -goji berry
This formula is excellent for reviving tired and aging skin.


Whoo Bichup Soon Hwan Moisture Anti-Aging Mist 100 ml
Whoo Gongjinhyang:Soo Vital Hydrating Balancer 20ml
Whoo Gongjinhyang:Soo Vital Hydrating Emulsion 20ml
Whoo Gongjinhyang:Soo Hydrating Foam Cleanser 14ml

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