VT Born Natural Wash OFF MASK

$27.20 $34
Wash Off Mask clears the dry, rough skin and helps the pore care by natural grain scrub, finally making the vitalizing skin
1. This cream scrub mask removes dead skin cells and provide moisture on your skin with its natural grain scrub
2. Hypoallergenic cream type mask can be smoothly applied to your dried out skin
3. Grain scrubs including grape seeds, almond powder and red bean powder helps to peel off dead skin cells and enhances the absorption rate of nutrition and moisture
4. Natural moisturizer ingredient provides full hydration and makes your skin vitalized
5. Purple beet water, super berry complex, triple hyaluronic acid are used to make your skin vitalized and looks lively
How to Use
1. After cleansing, remove any water that is left on your face and then apply appropriate amount of the product.
2. After about 15 minutes, gently roll over your face with fingers and cleanse it with lukewarm water.

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