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This is the special formula that delivers the optimal efficacy with the wisdom of the oriental medicine philosophy heaven and earth for thorough total anti-aging care.
It consists of 3Pcs to care for the under eyes, cheekbones, and nose, which are prone to freckles.
The patch, a double functional product for whitening and wrinkle improvement, contains a bitalquinone complex that includes gloss for clear and shiny skin and niacinamide that cares for the cause of blemishes.

▶Suggested Use
01. Open the pouch, take out the patch, and remove the film.
02. As shown in the picture, put the eyes and nose together.
03. Remove the patch after using it for 30 minutes.
* Depending on the skin type and environment, the time of use can be adjusted.
* If you put it on your face with sunscreen or makeup, remove the oil with oil paper or tissue and attach it.

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