• $2.00

  • Moisturizing daily mask sheet with rich nutrients of oriental herb.
  • #01 Red Ginseng: Revitalizing, emulsion type essence.Gives rich nutrition to the face. #02 Longan: Hydrating th rich nutrients of longan. Water type essence. Gives moisture to the skin.
  • #03 Lingzh: Firming effect, emulsion type essence. #04 Goji Berry: Hydrating th rich nutrients of Goji Berry. Water type essence. #05 White Tea: Illuminating effect with water type essence of white tea extract. Helps make the skin clearer.
  • #06 Green Tea: Smoothing effect with water type essence of green tea extract. #07 Galendula: Smoothing, silky oil type essence. Gives rough skin some moisture and nutrient. #08 Lotus Hydrating, silky oil type essence. Hydrates and refreshes dry skin.
  • #09 Lily: Brightening mask sheet containing lily extract with silky oil type essence. Helps regain skin radiance & moisture. #10 Peony: Radiance, silky oil type essence.Helps regain skin radiance & moisture

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