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Prestige Jeju Snail Eye Cream


  • $85.00

This eye cream will provide the skin of the eyes with a careful and full-fledged care. It has a pronounced rejuvenating effect and helps to prolong youth. The main components of Prestige Jeju Snail Eye Cream are:

Snail mucus - saturates the skin with moisture and beneficial substances, stimulates recovery, aligns the texture and returns the former elasticity, eliminates dryness and eliminates peeling.

Colloidal gold - provides maximum absorption of other substances, improves tone, accelerates the recovery process, increases the immune functions of the skin.

Niacinamide - removes irritation, eliminates peeling, treats acne, provides intensive nutrition of cells.

Peptides - powerful anti-ageing ingredient.

This cream imbues the cells with moisture, gives the skin softness, restores, heals wounds and eliminates peeling. Prestige Jeju Snail Eye Cream smooths wrinkles that appear due to dry skin, perfectly aligns it, brightens pigmented spots, eliminates bruises under the eyes and reduces puffiness.

Thanks to the light texture, the cream instantly absorbs and immediately begins to work. After the first application of Prestige Jeju Snail Eye Cream, the skin becomes firm, elastic and radiant.


Apply the cream to clean skin and distribute it with soft circular motions. 


30 ml 


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