Neo-Medical Moisturizing Sanitizer


Neo Medical Sanitizer is no ordinary It uses 62% ethanol as a basis rather than non-safe and industrial use isopropyl alcohol that is widely used in other products. The cost of using ethanol is much higher than its counterpart.    , also referred to as is a chemical that’s commonly found in rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizes, and certain cleaning products. IPA can cause rapid intoxication. 

Neo Medical Sanitizer has a moisturizing effect that often exists in other cosmetic products and it is made in is known for its innovative cosmetic technique.
  • FDA Listing
  • Kill Germs.
  • Sterilizing and Moisturizing.
  • Ethanol 62%
  • Sterilization test completed KFDA Certified)
  • 500ml/ 16.91 oz.


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