Mask.Lab Lift up Face Mask

$4.50 $5

A 2-step face mask that contains collagen, peptide and adenosine that deeply nourishes sagging skin and promotes elasticty and hydratation.

The bamboo cellulose sheet gently tightens sagging skin to improve the appearance of the facial silhouette.
The serum with collagen, peptides and adenosine (a wrinkle care ingredient) nourishes sagging skin to promote elasticity and hydration. 
Step 1: Lift-Up Mask Sheet
The mask sheet features a tightening effect that promotes skin elasticity.
Step 2: Lift-Up Elasticity Band
Simply place the straps around your ears. The ultra-elastic band with convenient straps tightly wraps around the jaw to provide intensive firming action for a sharper-looking facial silhouette.

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