The History of Whoo


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- THE HISTORY OF WHOO Gongjinhyang Kun Ja Yang Foam Cleanser 180ml

- Based on the oriental Korean medicine for- mula used in the royal court, this foam clean- ser counters the causes of skin aging at the source to make healthy skin.

- Pure gold in- gredients help to deeply cleanse skin pores while unique oriental formula reduces men&apos's skin problems to maintain a radiant and clear skin for a long time

- It is a foam cleanser for men of royal court oriental medicine that removes impurities from skin and pores to maintain healthy and elastic skin.

- It has excellent antioxidant effect and gives vitality and vitality to the skin.

- After moistening your face with water at an appropriate temperature, take an appropriate amount and rub evenly on your face like a massage, then rinse thoroughly with cold water. (Especially, if you cleanse your face with a nourishing foam cleanser before shaving, it is easy to shave and protect your skin.)

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