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This cushion achieves high definition and flawless complexion 
with long lasting, ink like wear.

#Conceals even the most hard to see skin imperfection
The light concealing pigment allows the cushion to sit close 
to the skin for breathable but flawless coverage.

#Provides the perfect second skin adhesion
This cushion is enriched with polymers that create a thin and soft 
coat over skin to smooth the surface with a second skin finish.

#The cushion comes with a puff applicator with high coverage and long lasting results
This puff applicator offers high coverage and provides oft and detailed 
touch ups that allows for a second skin adherence.
[How to use]
Replace the cushion with a refill once the formula is used up. 
1. Push the bottom of the compact with your thumbs to separate the cushion. 
2. Place the refill in the compact and align it, then snap it in.

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