Hwa Woong Cho

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Fermented Beverage “Hwa Woong Cho” (화웅초)

HWAWOONGCHO is good for nourishing tonics, physical fatigue, chronic fatigue,  blood circulation, improving liver function, and general health promotion.

 The HWAWOONGCHO fermentBaekhwago, which is the world's top 10 anti-cancer food, Tomato, and Garlic. Only 100% of Korean raw materials are used.

 No artificial additives | No preservatives  | No pigments

Main Benefits:

Revitalizes Your Energy : in the process of using sugar in the mitochondria of cells to generate energy,Hwa Woong Cho’s organic acid helps generate energy.

Decomposes Lactic Acid : it helps the body recover from fatigue, release stress and generate hormones.

Helps Lose Weight : it makes you feel very full, and lowers the level of fatty liver. Improves hyperlipidemia by lowering the blood cholesterol level.

Prevents Diabetes : Lentinan, which is the main composition of Baek-Hwa-Go, is a high molecular polysaccharide and has a repairing function, and immune response, which is the feature of B-1 and 3-glucan.

Prevents Heart Disease : it lowers the blood pressure and blood cholesterol level and prevents intravascular blood coagulation. Furthermore, Hwa Woong Cho promotes the generation of interferon. It also helps boost anti-cancer and anti-biotic activities.

<How to take>

It is recommended to drink once a day after dinner and a cup of water afterward.


This product was taken by employees first to test out the product.

In the case of this store’s boss, she works around 20 hours a day, but before she drank it, she had passed out about 5 times a month, but after drinking this, the symptoms disappeared. 

Afterward, she makes her children drink this whenever they have any indigestion problem.

In the case of the manager at the San Jose store, both the manager and his family suffered from high blood pressure, but after taking Hwaungcho, their blood pressure went down and became stabilized.


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