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-The EXO Cica ingredient from Jirisan Eoseong extract, aged and fermented for 2500 hours, provides special soothing care.

-7 kinds of Centella ingredients are a unique recipe contained in the EXO Cica formulation, which mildly cares for the skin barrier and soothes and protects the skin from external stimuli.

-It is a multi-mist serum that cools, moisturizes and soothes the skin with an oilless + mild pH formula.

-Mist spray mist is quickly and gently sprayed onto the skin, providing immediate cooling and soothing effects.

-Contains allantoin to gently care for skin soothing.

-Contains mint complex and erythritol to provide a cooling sensation without irritation to sensitive skin.

-Contains Salix Alba (Willow) Bark and Witch Hazel to mildly care for sebum and pores.

-It is a clear and transparent watery radiant water essence type that gives a refreshing finish.

 -No artificial fragrance added. No artificial color added. Skin irritation test completed.


-A mist type serum formulated with Houttuynia Cordata Extract and Centella Asiatica Extract to cool down and calm irritated and troubled skin.

-Soothes skin irritation caused by external and interal irritating substances.

-Infused with Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract and Witch Hazel Extract to gently remove impurities from pore.

 -Oilless and mild pH formula that is suitable for sensitive skin.


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