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Honey luminous royal propolis V mask with special sheet that holds nutrition from honey helps to strengthen skin around the facial line.

Key Benefits:
+ Special sheet mask with excellent elasticity fits your facial line for a plump-looking complexion
+ Two kinds of propolis and Royal Jelly give nutrition and vitality to your inelastic skin
+ Gel holds hyaluronic acids and peptides to fit your face, it provides moisturizing effects

Top Ingredients:
+ Glycerin: Promotes skin maturation and maintains water balance
+ Propolis Extract: Protects skin while holding in moisture and reducing drynes
+ Hyaluronic Acid: Retains skin’s moisture, boosts collagen synthesis and fights aging

How to Apply:
+ Wash face and pat dry
+ Attach the lifting sheet from the center of the jaw
+ Apply it by giving the same pressure and pull slowly to hook both rings on your ears
+ After 30-60 minutes, remove the sheet 
+ Gently massage both cheeks

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