Gongjinhyang: Soo 3pcs Set

The History of Whoo

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Rich in efficacious Asian herbal extracts, the royal hydrating collection instantly energizes and nourishes for a healthy, plump-looking complexion.

This set contains:

Whoo Gongjinhyang:Soo Hydrating Balancer - 150ml
Whoo Gongjinhyang:Soo Hydrating Emulsion - 100ml
Whoo Gongjinhyang:Soo Super Hydrating Cream - 20ml
Whoo Gongjinhyang:Soo Hydrating Balancer - 20ml
Whoo Gongjinhyang:Soo Hydrating Emulsion - 20ml
Whoo Gongjinhyang:Soo Foam Cleanser - 40ml


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