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Highly concentrated premium Eastern herbal ampoule containing Gold Wild Ginseng provides solutions for skin problems for all seasons and brings back skin radiance.

Cheongidan Hwahyun Gold Ampoule is a premium herbal ampoule that helps intensively improve skin damage by adding the ingredients of Yin-Yang Harmony (Golden Mountain Ginseng) to the rich nourishing Cheongi Silk Gongjungbang, which gives vitality to the skin.
If you use it intensively every morning/evening, it will care for your skin and give your skin a vibrant glow.
- An Ampoule that provides beautiful and bright skin by prescribing about 30 oriental herbal ingredients to treat skin concerns of wind, sunlight, heat, moisture, cold, and dryness.
Pure gold and wild ginseng extracts complete perfect skin tone on women's face. You can see a striking effect even if you use it a few times.

Key Ingredient 
  • Wild ginseng okju (improves facial complexion) :The round nodes (wild ginseng okju that are attached like beads to the root) that stick like millet to the root of wild ginseng are ingredients of wild ginseng, a storage warehouse that absorbs full nutrition.The round nodes more, the more effective it is and is involved in the overall condition of the skin.
  • Deer antler Bungol: The top of the antlers, the bungol, contains a lot of good ingredients of antlers, so it helps to improve skin nutritional deficit and dryness.
  • Golden wild ginseng: By combining pure gold with wild ginseng, we developed golden wild ginseng, an ingredient of Yin-Yang Harmony, it help make perfect skin tone and skin heath.


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