Black Hydrogel Eye Patch

Black Hydrogel Eye Patch

Etude House

  • $4.00

1. Vaseline meets Oil gel and adds moisture supplement + nutrition to your tired eye side.
2. High class eye patch gives you all-day resilient eye skin by wrinkle improvement + Whitening 
Multi function.
3. Goggle form eyepatch that covers all over the eyes and cares on middle forehead, eye zone and 
under-eye wrinkles.
4. Fudgey Vaseline and Sunflower Seed Oil supplies multi moisture & nutritional care to tired eyes.
5. Adds moisty shine to eye zone and helps on make-up adherence and color development.

How to use
1. Tidy up skin texture by toner after wash-up, open the product and remove film from both sides.
2. Analyze the patch on eye and eye zone site till you see yourself became a cat-woman when 
you look at the mirror.
3. Stay laid for 30 minutes, remove your patch and pat gently for remaining molecules to absorb.

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