Anti Darkening Cushion EX

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This cushion keeps makeup looking as fresh as when you first applied it.

[Reduces appearance of wrinkles, Brightens skin tone, Filters and screens harmful UVA/UVB rays]

* This cushion, which features natural skin powder that results in a reduced appearance
of white residue when applied to the face, conceals skin imperfections to create a natural look.

* The HD powder uses technology that helps spread pigment evenly to prevent color
from becoming dark or dull and to illuminate skin tone.

* The cushion contains lemon balm and chamomile extract
to provide comfortable wear and citrus unshiu peel extract
and diospyros kaki leaf extract to maintain your skin tone without making it dark or dull.
How to use
Press the puff applicator to the cushion and lightly pat onto the face.
Apply over areas of concern for more coverage.
Replace the cushion with refill once the formula is depleted.

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