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Gommage Peeling Cleansing Balm that gently melts away makeup as if it melts away makeup and turns into a gommage texture to deeply cleanse dead skin cells and wastes at once

Hypoallergenic | Cleansing balm | One-Stop #All Clear #Micellar

-The moment the melting balm formula rolls, it melts into oil, gently washing away makeup and residual waste.
- The low-irritating gommage ingredient in the formulation gently removes even dead skin cells from the skin.
-After cleansing & peeling, it is emulsified with soft milk at the washing step, so it cleans neatly and moistly without any residue.

How to Use
Apply an appropriate amount to a dry face except around the eyes and gently massage to dissolve the makeup. When the gomage comes out, add a little water to your hands, roll the cleansing balm to turn milky, and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

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