AirQUEEN Nano Mask (5 Masks)


5 Masks $12.50 ($2.50/1 ea )


It's light and comfortable all day long. 

  • Minimizing Weight, Maximizing Comport
  • Powerful filtering, excellent permeability
  • Nano Filter Mask 0.05-0.1µm| Virus,germ 0.2-10 µm | KF94 & N95 Mask 0.4µm
  • 3D ergonomic design to fit perfectly on all face types
  • Individually wrapped for easy carrying and using
  • Weight : 3.71 g ( Most mask over 5g)
  • Made in Korea

How to use the product 

1. Wear the mask to cover your nose and chin.

2. Hook each strap over your ear to lock them in place.

3. Press the nose piece with the figers of both hands so that mask is in close contact with your face

4. Cover the entir mask with both hands and adjust it to fit the face to make sure there is no air leakage.

NOTE: The date printed on the package is manufactured date. “제조 2020-04” means “Manufactured April 2020”



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