Whoo Cheonyuldan Hwayul Full Set (Value $1,551)

The History of Whoo

  • $1,100.00

A luxury total recreation line that enables harmony balance to reach the ideal skin condition

  • HwaYulDan : Strength of strong vitality and anti-aging. A combination of the global joint research prescription Yun Bum Yun (Korea) and Lee Jung Hwan (China) to optimize skin regeneration, moisture, and gloss
  • ● Dendrobium Moniliforme: Plant that contains a strong vitality from the dew on the rocks where it blooms.
  • ● ChunGiBidan : Queen Jae-hee’s beauty recipe with 26 medicinal ingredients has been re-interpreted with the finest ingredients (Wild Ginseng, berries, deer antler)
  • ● SaengHyulYoonBooEum: Gives firming and moisturizing effects to dry skin
This set contains:

 Cheonyuldan Hwayul Balancer 150ml

 Cheonyuldan Hwayul Lotion 110ml

 Cheonyuldan Hwayul Essence 40ml

 Cheonyuldan Hwayul Cream 60ml

 Cheonyuldan Hwayul Essence 8ml

 Cheonyuldan Hwayul Cream 10ml

 Cheonyuldan Hwayul Balancer 25ml

Whanyu Cream 4ml

Whanyu Eye Cream 4ml

Whanyu Signature Ampoule 7ml

Massage Roller

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