Rose Mask Sheet (Special Promotion)

Secret Nature (Special Promotion)

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Natural Cotton 100%

90% Natural Ingredients

Bigger Size of Mask Sheet

Enough Essence included

Rose Mask Sheet [Moisturizing]

- The aromatic ROSE mask sheet contains extract that makes the skin moisturized and resilient while adhering closely to the skin. 

What is Jeju Complex?

-Jeju Complex grown on pristine Jeju Island delivers the beauty and secrets of Jeju's Own energy to your skin

Jeju Oxygenated water, Jeju Honey Extract


1. After wash the face, prepare your skin with toner

2. Take out the sheet from the pouch and adhere evenly over your entire face, matching the holes for your eyes and nose

3. Remove the mask after 15~20 minutes and gently tap the remaining contents with your hand so it can be absorbed into your skin.

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